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Estate Planning

We’ll help you understand your long-term goals, asset transfer plans, and present arrangements. We can design a strategy to achieve those goals, minimize taxes, and ensure efficient asset transfers.

Mulvey Beck does more than evaluate wills. An effective estate plan starts with analyzing your financial needs and assets to decide how to provide for your heirs while minimizing transfer taxes. We use tools such as trusts and other entities that control the transfer of property after death outside of a lengthy probate process. Part of the process should include voicing your healthcare wishes. Mulvey Beck reviews plans periodically as personal goals and tax rules change.

During the planning process, there are a lot of practical questions and worries that come up. For example, you might not know how your children’s inheritance should be set up. Does it make sense to give them everything outright, or does it make more sense to set up a trust that lasts?

The estate experts at Mulvey Beck can explain how a trust can protect property from creditors or a divorcing spouse. They can also help you choose fiduciaries and understand the different ways you can set up a trust that can last for an extended time.

Estate Settlement

Families need experienced counsel in the months following a loved one’s death, when many decisions must be made. Mulvey Beck can advise your family through the personal and technical issues of estate administration. Estate settlement services include arranging probate, collecting, listing, valuing, and protecting your assets, navigating the sale of real estate, managing your assets, keeping accurate records, and distributing your assets to your beneficiaries.

Estate planning can protect your family financially and emotionally, which can help them focus on what’s important during hard times. Effective estate planning is one of most precious gifts you can give loved ones.